Split Apple Rock paddle

The most family friendly trip!

Departs Marahau @ 11:00am

Join our legendary guides as they share their enthusiasm for this stunning stretch of coastline. Paddle the safest, most sheltered area along the Abel Tasman. See lots of beautiful scenery in a small area including islands, caves, beaches and of course, Split Apple Rock.

The most family friendly paddle in the park!

$85.00 per adult
$65.00 per child
Lunch is $15.00 per person, please order when you book your trip

  •   CHECKIN - 10:45 Marahau
  •   LUNCH - $15pp
  •   DEPARTS - October through April
  •   WATERTAXI - 0 Rides
  •   WALK - 0km
Perfect for families
$85.00 Split Apple Rock paddle

Split Apple Rock paddle $85.00 pp

The most family friendly trip!

What our guests say

Tripadvisor Review
Wonderful experience

I took the Split Apple Rock paddle. I have never been sea kayaking before but found this trip to be very easy and comfortable. The sights were pretty, the guide was lovely - very friendly. We ordered lunch as well so we had a nice picnic on the beach nearing the end of the trip, the food was actually quite yummy. We had a great time, it is highly recommended though that you bring a change of dry clothes because you will get wet.

Birch84, Australia, Trip Advisor