Campsites and Huts

HUTS have toilets, bunks, mattresses and water supply. No cooking facilities are provided, so visitors should carry a stove. Hut passes must be purchased before entering the park. These can be purchased from D.O.C directly online or through selected operators and information outlets. Backcountry hut tickets and Annual Hut passes are not valid for hut use on the Coast Track.

CAMPSITES have basic facilities, which include a water supply, fireplaces and toilets. Not all campsites have fireplaces. Camp passes must be purchased prior to entering the park. These can be booked online or through D.O.C offices, kayak operators, information centres, or other approved operators.


A change in the Department of Conservation campsite policy from October 01, 2005 means ALL Abel Tasman users must PRE-BOOK their camp passes. Use the website to research and book camp sites.

DOC camp fee

Hut $38pp, Campsite $15pp