Planning Your Trip

Make your trip perfect

Suggestions on what to bring for 1 day trips.

•Quick drying shorts or swim wear.

•Avoid cotton T’s when possible. Polypro underwear is best with a warm fleece top. Long sleeved shirts are a good idea for summer when the sun is very strong.

•Hat, sunscreen & sunglasses

•Insect Repellent


•Light walking shoes/ sandals

•Water bottle


•Warm clothes to change into after paddling.



Suggestions for Overnight trips

•Avoid cotton T’s when possible. Polypro underwear is best with a warm fleece top.

•Long sleeved shirts are a good idea for summer when the sun is very strong.

•Quick drying shorts or swim wear.

•Hat, sunscreen & sunglasses

•Insect Repellent


•Light walking shoes/ sandals

•Water bottle


•Warm clothes to change into after paddling.

•Sleeping gear

•Sleeping bag

•Adequate food

•Gas and Cookers

•Tent and Sleeping mat


HUTS have toilets, bunks, mattresses and water supply. No cooking facilities are provided, so visitors should carry a stove. Hut passes must be purchased before entering the park. These can be purchased from D.O.C directly online or through selected operators and information outlets. Back country hut tickets and Annual Hut passes are not valid for hut use on the Coast Track.

CAMPSITES have basic facilities, which include a water supply, fireplaces and toilets. Not all campsites have fireplaces. Camp passes must be purchased prior to entering the park. These can be booked on line or through D.O.C offices, kayak operators, information centers, or other approved operators.


A change in the Department of Conservation campsite policy from October 01, 2005 means ALL Abel Tasman users must PRE-BOOK their camp passes. Use the website to research and book camp sites.

Campsite: $15pp, per night

Hut: $38pp, per night

Aquapackers: Dorm - $85pp, per night

Private double $245, per night

Track Times



Marahau - Anchorage Hut  4 Hours  12.4 kms
Anchorage Hut to Bark Bay Hut (high tide track)  4 Hours  11.5 kms
 Bark Bay Hut to Onetahuti Bay (high tide track)  2 Hours  6.4 kms
 Onetahuti Bay to Awaroa Hut  2.5 Hours  7.1 kms
 Awaroa Hut to Totaranui  2.5 Hours  7.1 km (tidal)
 Totaranui to Whariwharangi Hut  3.25 Hours  9.8 kms
 Whariwharangi Hut to Wainui car park  2 Hours  5.7 kms

Kayak Rentals

A kayak rental is ideal for water confident groups of two or more who are fit and familiar with the outdoors and ready to deal with the moods of mother nature.

Safety is our main consideration as we prepare you for your kayak adventure. All kayak rentals receive a comprehensive safety briefing covering all aspects of kayaking from correct use of equipment through to emergency management and weather assessments. On the first stage of your trip our guide will provide on water paddling instruction.

Independent Kayaks Rentals

1 day $75.00 per person
2 days $120 per person
3 days $150 per person
4 days $180 per person
5 days $200 per person
extra days $40 per person

Water Taxi retrieval

- Double & Single $42
(All kayak rentals require a minimum of 2 people and are Double kayaks. Singles will only be issued when groups are uneven numbers)

Water Taxi passenger fares

- from $34pp

DOC camp fees

- Hut $38pp, Campsite $15pp


No solo kayakers are permitted
No children under the age of 14
No kayaking north past Shag Harbor

All prices above are based on 2 people. Add camp/hut/accommodation to all prices.

Top grade accessories that are issued to each group include:

indy gear2
Life jacket
Spray deck and Paddle jacket
Waterproof Abel Tasman coastal map
Touring paddles
2 piece spare paddle
Bilge pump and sponge
Distress flare with waterproof canister
Tide table and marine weather forecast.


Our kayaks (L-R) are the Dobbe Double, Dobbe Tuart, Mission Eco-Niizh and the Q Kayaks Penguin.

indy gear1

Camping Gear

Please leave a comment when booking if you require camping gear

Confirmation Details:

  • To confirm a booking we require either Visa or MasterCard details. At the time of booking a 10% deposit will be required to confirm the reservation. You can pay by either ; Visa, MasterCard, Eftpos or cash.

  • Check in time at our base at 506 High St, Motueka is 7:40am on morning of departure. We are situated 50 metres past the roundabout at the southern entrance to Motueka when arriving on State highway 60 from Nelson.

  • To avoid delays on the day of departure, we ask that all food requirements need to be purchased before arriving at our base and packed into small plastic bags, ready to load into your kayaks along with all clothing packed into suitable bags.


  • Invariably travel plans may change, or group numbers change due to illness or people having changed their minds. We respect these facts but we ask that you appreciate we may have declined many peoples requests for similar kayaking trips due to no availability.

  • Cancellation of a one day trip within 48 hours of departure will incur a 50% cancellation fee unless we can fill your place on that tour.

  • Cancellation within 24 hour or less – no refund.

  • In the event of a “no show” full payment is required.

  • Cancellation of a multi day tour with in 21 days of your departure will incur full payment unless we can fill your place on that tour.

  • If The Sea Kayak Company decides not to launch a guided tour or freedom rental, due to adverse wind and sea conditions being unsafe for the trip/ tour to proceed, then we ask that you respect this decision.

  • In this situation we offer a delayed start, weather permitting or a shorter trip option- departing the next day.

  • If your schedule does not allow for any of the above options, then a full refund is offered.

  • Once a rental period or a guided trip has begun, there will be no refunds for days lost due to weather conditions or clients returning earlier than the agreed rental period.

  • 506 High Street, Motueka
    tel 03 528 7251 fax 03 528 7221
    reservation free phone 0508 25 29 25